Bengal BJP’s new face
, Roopa Ganguly  - Swarajya
BJP workers and supporters in West Bengal want Roopa Ganguly, the actor who joined the party earlier this year, to play a bigger role, even become the state unit’s chief. Can Ganguly prove to be the change agent the party so badly needs in Bengal?
Lalu speaks and Nitish loses, which is Lalu’s loss – Bihar’s DNA better than theirs
, Rajiv Pratap Rudy  - Times of India
Well, of 65 years post-freedom, Congress ruled Bihar for 25 years, followed by another 25 years of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad. Lalu rode on Mandal politics. Development was never his agenda. Jungle Raj was this lack of governance.
BJP will emerge pre-eminent force in Bihar
, Yogendra Yadav  - Times of India
Dates for Bihar polls are to be announced this week. Pollster turned politician Yogendra Yadav puts on his psephologists hat and tells TOI that he believes the BJP will be the pre-eminent force in Bihar. He also says Nitish Kumar is now a tragic figure. 
Bagha Jatin, the forgotten hero
, Jatindranath Mukherjee  - Pioneer
Indian revolutionary nationalist Jatindranath Mukherjee shaped a united revolutionary zeal and nearly succeeded in evolving a pan-Indian and international revolutionary network that challenged the British empire, and would have changed India's destiny had it not failed.
The 22-year-old at the forefront of the OBC quota protests
, Hardik Patel  - Mint
Hardik Patel wouldn’t even qualify to be a state legislator or a member of Parliament. The reason: he is just 22 years old, and the minimum age to fight an election to a state assembly or the Lok Sabha is 25 years.
I challenge Nitish to say publicly Lalu’s rule brought golden years for Bihar
, Ram Vilas Paswan  - Times of India
Ram Vilas Paswan is leader of LJP, union minister and leading NDA combatant in the impending battle for Bihar. Speaking with Amin Ali, Paswan discussed PM Modi versus Nitish Kumar, the Owaisi dynamic, Lalu Prasad’s remarks – and whether Paswan is a CM candidate himself.
‘Will work to maximise devolution within 13th Amendment’
, Ranil Wickremesinghe  - Hindu
The Sri Lankan political situation has taken an interesting turn with the fairly narrow victory of the United National Party in the general election, its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe being sworn in as Prime Minister for the fourth time, and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two main parties, the UNP and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), paving the way for a ‘unity’ or national government.
The spy who led Pak’s deep state
, Hamid Gul  - Asian Age
In 1993, Kashmiri separatist Firdous Syed got to meet Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul, who had formerly headed the Pakistan Army’s Inter-Services Intelligence directorate and who had retired the previous year. (Firdous quit militancy in 1996; I wrote a book on him 15 years ago.) Gen.
‘Hinduism studies in the U.S. cannot be dismissed’
, Rajiv Malhotra & Richard Fox Young  - Sunday Guardian
Richard Fox Young, an associate professor at the Princeton Theological Seminary in the United States, has created a furore in international academic circles with his pointed charges of plagiarism on Rajiv Malhotra, celebrity author of several books on Hinduism. Young spoke to Abhimanyu Singh.
The uncrowned cycle king
, OP Munjal  - Business Standard
Whatever the situation, be it in his factory at Ludhiana or his home in south Delhi, Om Prakash Munjal of Hero Cycles had a couplet for every occasion. Easygoing and affable, he was the quintessential relationships man, and a product of the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Ludhiana.
Bihar will be smooth sailing for BJP
, GVL Narasimha Rao  - NewsRoomPost
The elections in Bihar will be a hard fought one. For the BJP it is an extremely important election for various reasons and it would be battling Nitish Kumar and company. How does the BJP expect to fare in the elections at Bihar? Several members of the BJP appear to be confident of a win in the elections. However the job is easier said than done and they will have to put up a tough fight if they want to conquer Bihar.
RSS wants corruption-free govt – but it’s easy to make false allegations against BJP leaders
, Seshadri Chari, Member of BJP’s National Executive  - Times of India
The article was written by a columnist. Views expressed were neither of the paper, nor of RSS. Also, Organiser is not the mouthpiece of RSS. I too don’t agree with those views.
I am the leader of Dalits and Mahadalits of Bihar
, Ram Vilas Paswan  - Mint
Union minister and chief of Bihar-based Lok Janshakti Party Ram Vilas Paswan asserts that he is the leader of Dalits and Mahadalits in Bihar and prime minister Narendra Modi is the leader of the backward classes. On the new alliance between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad, he says that there is no common ground between the two. 
Bandwidth is the demolisher of imbalances, a great leveller
, APJ Abdul Kalam  - Indian Express
The total land area of India is around 3.3 million square km with 7,000 km of coastline. The altitude of the country varies from the sea level to 8,600 meters. The entire area is spread into deserts, hilltops, mountains, sea shores, islands, valleys and plains.
With BJP, India will see enterprise take off — and Bihar will finally see development
, Rajiv Pratap Rudy  - Times of India
Rajiv Pratap Rudy is Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (Independent Charge) and Parliamentary Affairs. Speaking with Pratigyan Das, Rudy discussed how the government plans to vitalise Indian enterprise, create skilled human resources — and win the Bihar elections.
Oppn is disturbing without homework or exit route
, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi  - Indian Express
These people had given a notice for discussion on the very first day of the monsoon session. When we got ready to hold a discussion immediately, that put them on the back foot. That is because they are disturbing without homework and they have not thought of any exit route.
I want to do many things for FTII – vested interests preventing me from even going there
, Gajendra Chauhan  - Times of India
The storm over Gajendra Chauhan’s appointment as FTII chairperson rages on. As the students’ strike enters a second month, Chauhan spoke with Rohit E David about the brickbats he’s confronting, his priorities for FTII – and how he thinks vested interests are stirring up the dramatic strike.
11 crore members is no wild claim
, P Muralidhar Rao  - Indian Express
BJP chief Amit Shah on Sunday launched his party’s Mahasampark Abhiyaan for northern states with the claim that it had enrolled 11 crore members — a number Cong has scoffed at. Party general secretary P Muralidhar Rao, the man in charge of the membership training programme, explains details of the recruitment process — and why it should be taken seriously.
‘Digital economy has its own set of rules’
, Paul X McCarthy  - Business Line
It’s with good reason Paul X McCarthy’s new book, Online Gravity: The Unseen Force Driving the Way You Live, Earn, and Learn (Simon & Schuster), is called the Freakonomics of the digital economy. The very idea, online gravity, is disruptive and entertaining. McCarthy illustrates how a curious set of economic rules — totally different from the offline world— powers online businesses.
India has rainforests from Assam to Western Ghats — prioritise sustainable agriculture
, Dominique Gangneux, VP, Markets Transformation  - Times of India
As large parts of the world confront climate change in the form of devastating heat-waves or floods, the role of rainforests that combat pollutants and shelter tremendous biodiversity is key.
‘Criminal defamation must be abolished’
, Subramanian Swamy  - Sunday Guardian
Dr Subramanian Swamy is no stranger to controversy. Recently, the BJP leader challenged the validity of laws concerning defamation and hate speech in India. This was after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa filed several defamation cases against him and a non-bailable warrant was issued against him for an alleged hate speech regarding mosques.
FTII’s seen 40 strikes – it should be privatised or run by serious academics now
, Subhash Ghai  - Times of India
I have a great emotional relationship with FTII. I belong to the very first batch in the 1960s. Since its inception, there’ve been some 40 strikes in FTII though. The point is very important – we need to see how government wants this film institute to work. Do they want to run it under their shelter?
My aim is to make farming profitable
, Sayantan Bera  - Mint
Agriculture has borne the brunt of weather woes and tumbling product prices, causing distress across the country. Growth in the sector slowed to 0.2% in 2014-15, according to the latest estimates.
He was not a modernist, but radiated hybridity
, Charles Correa  - Economic Times
In the history books from which young architects learn about the story of Modern architecture, there is no space given to Asian architecture. It is as if the Modern architecture of the world belongs to the Caucasian civilisations. Charles Correa’s ideas and work sit in that ‘no space’.
The Count is dead
, Christopher Lee  - Indian Express
Christopher Lee, “the villain of many horror films who later acted in the Star Wars prequels and the Lord of the Rings series…” Let’s not get put off by descriptions like these, which have come up since Lee’s death; the latter part is possibly necessary to help younger film-watchers identify who Lee was.
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