Shinkansen will transform India the way it transformed Japan
, Masafumi Shukuri, Chairman, International High Speed Rail Association  - Times of India
I don't know whether its a battle between Japan and China. I have no idea which countries India is comparing Japan with. No matter which country we are compared with, if the assessment is done properly on a range of parameters choosing Japanese system is a better decision.
BJP is always ready to give platform to people doing good work in all sections of the society
, Amit Shah, BJP President  - Hindu
The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah says he has conducted 41 elections in his political life and not lost a single one. In an exclusive interview to The Hindu, he talks about a wide range of issues related to the party and its policy, U.S. President Barack Obama’s comments about religious freedom in India and his style of functioning.
How can an accountable govt offer spectrum below the 2010 auction price?
, Ravi Shankar Prasad  - Indian Express
With the spectrum auctions set to get underway from March 4, the first such exercise under the new NDA government, Minister for Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad is categorical in his assertion that adequate spectrum is being made available in the first round and that the reserve price of the band where 3G and data communications can operate has been pegged at reasonable levels.
The man who can't be muffled
, Arvind Kejriwal  - Hinhu
Trolls derisively called him ‘muffler man,’ but Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo Arvind Kejriwal has turned it to his advantage. He makes it a point to dress exactly the way he is caricatured. His appearance makes him a common man but his ambitions are majestic. Mr. Kejriwal was down and out. But he has bounced back and how!
Subash Ghising
, Yubaraj Ghimire  - Indian Express
A legend in his own lifetime, Subash Ghising also faced oblivion, and passed away almost a political recluse in New Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Thursday. It was a coincidence that he died in a place close to Karol Bagh, his home during a series of negotiations with the Centre in the mid-1980s.
A pragmatic and savvy diplomat
, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar  - Economic Times
NEW DELHI: Subrahmanyam Jaishankar's colleagues and mentors will vouch for his "realistic view of foreign policy" among other skills.
Modi knows the value of marketing, communication
, Anand Mahindra  - Mint
Anand Mahindra, the 59-year-old chairman and managing director of the $17 billion by revenue Mahindra Group, supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s way of marketing India. He said India often “undervalues the art of marketing and communication” and Modi “understands the value of both these things”.
The philosopher cartoonist
, RK Laxman  - Indian Express
I came to R.K. Laxman indirectly. My childhood world was the world of R.K. Narayan, his elder brother. Narayan had created the wonderful world of Malgudi. Not only was Malgudi a magic world, Narayan has created my favourite childhood character Swami, who was my double.
That quirky smalltown humour
, RK Laxman  - Times of India
When a Great One retires from the game of life, tributes rise in a tsunami of eulogies. R K Laxman, if he were to write his own epitaph from Out There would probably, like his iconic creation the Common Man in that worn-out tweed and dhoti, just stare in befuddled amusement. He wouldn’t say a word.
Laxman brought out the doublespeak of political leaders, stripped away their masks and dismantled big egos
, RK Laxman  - Times of India
RK Laxman was known as The Times of India's 'CCTV' — Complete Cartoonist Total Value — for the sheer versatility of his medium. In pocket cartoons he covered the goof-ups of the polity, bureaucracy and family.
'In next 15 years, lives of poor will improve faster than ever'
, Melinda and Bill Gates  - Times of India
A recent Oxfam study reported that income inequality in the world is increasing and accelerating, but Melinda and Bill Gates, who have pledged to give away most of their billions, have a different perspective: Lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history, they said in their annual letter released on Thursday, backing it up in an interview in which they offered an upbeat assessment of India which is home to some of the most profound changes taking place in today's world, with the Gates Foundation playing a small but innovative role.
Opportunities likely to increase in India despite higher inequalities
, Martin Rama, Chief Economist, South Asia region, World Bank  - Business Standard
Public discourse on inequality in India is dominated by the view that in the post-liberalisation era there has been a growing concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. But a new report by the World Bank points out that opportunities for economic advancement, especially for the poor, have actually increased.
Kiran Bedi stands for discipline — Arvind Kejriwal stands for chaos
, Shazia Ilmi  - Times of India
Well, all the things AAP stood for, those very principles were abandoned. There were promises AAP made its core issues, which it simply dropped. I feel BJP can make a huge difference — if AAP is there, it will lead to chaotic confrontation with the government. If BJP comes to power, there will not be meaningless protests. Government will be in line with the Centre.
Political scientist of India
, Rajni Kothari  - Indian Express
It is not often that an academician has potentially something to offer for well over half a century. In the realm of political analysis, longevity is even rarer. It will therefore be a fitting tribute to Rajni Kothari if we note how his rather forgotten but oft-quoted political analysis resonates with our contemporary political moment — and how, by taking it forward, the enterprise called Indian politics could be better grasped.
Democracy makes India more robust than China
, Nassim Nicholas Taleb  - Economic Times
Over the years, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has donned many hats — trader, hedge fund manager, academic, best-selling author. But at heart, the 54-year-old remains a statistician to whom numbers are magic. With his sharp logic and rationale, Taleb has destroyed many popular economic myths in best-selling books such as Black Swan, Fooled By Randomness and Antifragile.
PM Narendra Modi is God’s gift to India
, Jagdish Bhagwati  - Economic Times
Jagdish Bhagwati laughs at the notion of a role in the Modi government. At the age of 80, says the celebrated economist and Columbia University's professor of economic and law, he is prone to falling asleep and is unlikely to be able to put the kind of hours the prime minister demands from his top aides.
‘Amit Shah’s leadership is the way to victory’
, Kiran Bedi  - Asian Age
Life is a change to which we say “YES!” What comes before and after has many schools of thought. I have been reading, listening and experiencing it afresh. I have seen life changing already. I have not planned it. It came by destiny.
We are happy in Bhutan, but it isn’t Shangri-La
, Tshering Tobgay, PM, Bhutan  - Times of India
Tshering Tobgay, the young and articulate PM of Bhutan, was the unexpected star of the Vibrant Gujarat show last week. He runs for fun, writes a blog and is committed to building a modern nation true to its core values, which include a deep affection for its monarchs. In a conversation with Indrani Bagchi, Tobgay gives a glimpse into what goes into the making of gross national happiness.
‘Abenomics can give a fillip to Modinomics’
, Fumio Kishida, Japanese Foreign minister  - Times of India
I consider deepening the Japan-India relationship critically important for the future of the Indo-Pacific region. People to people exchanges between Japan and India have grown, including at summit and ministerial levels. Leading-edge technologies utilizing IT, which is India's forte, will bring the two countries closer.
I am not defined by somebody’s comments...I define myself
, Smriti Irani  - Economic Times
Ever since she took charge as Union HRD Minister, not a month has passed without Smriti Zubin Irani attracting a controversy. Her appointment in the high-profile ministry itself was questioned by many who expressed doubts about her credentials. In an exclusive interview with ET, Irani stands her ground and says she is here to deliver "change" and would like her epitaph to read "she tried".
The maharaj, a party-hopper, educationist and muscleman
, Sakshi Maharaj  - Indian Express
For four-term MP Sachidanand Hari Sakshi, better known as Sakshi Maharaj, only one thing has remained unchanged in 15 years of politics — making controversial statements, usually from within the BJP, and at least once against it. The party he has represented has changed from time to time.
Conscience keeper, a man of letters
, Boobli George Verghese  - Pioneer
At my native place, away from my adopted home in New Delhi, I came to know that Boobli George Verghese is no more. It was no less than a shock to me as I had had the privilege of knowing this remarkable journalist at a personal level. I had worked with him for my first book, India since 1947: Looking Back at a Modern Nation, for which he had written the foreword and a long incisive essay on the state of public broadcasting in India.
Narendra Modi not anti-Muslim, Owaisi confrontational — Muslims should avoid that
, Zafar Sareshwala, Gujarati Businessman  - Times of India
I learnt of it from the media. Frankly, neither PM Modi nor minister Smriti Irani indicated to me that they wanted to make me chancellor. Even if it is a favour, it’s not the first time that a government has favoured a person it likes. Didn’t the Congress appoint its acolytes to all important posts during its rule?
A former rebel who will now rule Sri Lanka
, Maithripala Sirisena  - IANS
Colombo, Jan 9 Maithripala Sirisena, elected to govern Sri Lanka, was once jailed for alleged links to leftwing Sinhalese rebels who almost ousted the government in 1971. He remained in prison for 15 months.
Meet Rebel No. 1 the night before his day of reckoning
, Maithripala Sirisena  - Indian Express
On Wednesday afternoon, a day before Sri Lanka votes in the presidential elections, house No. 117 on Vijayarama Road in Colombo — the official residence of main opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena — was abuzz with reports of a possible threat. Sirisena, who had scheduled a trip to his home turf Polonoruwa had to postpone the journey.
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